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Mental Health Resilience Workshops


What is Mental Resilience?

“Businesses that focus on mental health and staff wellbeing increase productivity by almost three times.”

Source: Medibank Private, Sick at Work Report, 2011

Resilience is our ability to recover from adversity, to keep calm in the face of difficulty and to solve problems. It is the ability to manage our own emotions and remain aware of the emotions of others.


It doesn’t mean we don’t experience difficulty or distress, but it does involve the ability to live with those emotions. 


It means doing what we know is important, despite it being something that makes us uncomfortable.


It is self‑awareness and knowing our own values, strengths and weaknesses. It’s being able to reflect on situations and take a balanced view.




The cost of ignoring the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce 


Investing in a mentally healthy workplace is not only good for individuals and society but good for business too.  According to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, mental health costs the Australian economy an estimated $60 billion per year.


Joint research by Mental Health Australia and KPMG estimated a cost to business of $12.8 billion associated with workplace mental ill-health and increasing pressure on organisations and the workforce to be more productive with fewer people.


The same research showed that resilience training could save Australian businesses $4.5 billion per annum with a return on investment (ROI) in science-based resilience programs ranging from $1.30 to $4.70 against each dollar spent.


We can’t stop the global changes that make our working lives more uncertain.


We may not always be able to choose our managers.


But if we have the skills to choose the way we respond to adversity and challenge, then we can become more resilient.


Benefits of developing Mental Resilience


“20% of the Australian Workforce take time off per year for mental health reasons.”


Source: Medibank Private, Sick at Work Report, 2011


Developing resilience helps all of us deal more effectively with stressful situations. We are smarter.

We are more compassionate, flexible, creative and patient. We are physically healthier. Having resilient employees also provides benefits for the organisation, with likely outcomes such as:


  • Higher employee engagement

  • Higher productivity

  • Better customer service

  • Greater flexibility

  • More cooperation and collaboration

  • Lower turnover and less absenteeism 

An online survey conducted by Harris Poll in 2017 concluded:

“Overall, results…support that resilience training programs are perceived by employees to be beneficial to them. For employers, this may serve as a good marker that the investment in these types of programs may be worth the return.”


“One in five Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Estimates suggest that nearly 11% of full-time Australian workforce had experienced a mental disorder in the past month.”


Source: Medibank Private, Sick at Work Report, 2011


How do we develop Mental Resilience?

Our mental health workshops can be flexibly delivered at your workplace or our training room. 


Workshops can be booked individually or as a combination of courses tailored to your needs. 

We currently present the following workshops.


Choose from:

  1. Self-awareness and Stress Management Workshop

  2. Preventing and Recovering from Burnout Workshop

  3. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life Workshop

  4. Building Better Relationships Workshop

Workshop duration: 3-4 hours each


Alternatively you can book the full course:

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Five Pillars Program


Our comprehensive course, includes:

  • Workshop 1 - Self-Awareness for Stress Management 

  • Workshop 2 - Preventing and Recovering from Burnout 

  • Workshop 3 - Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life 

  • Workshop 4 - Building Better Relationships 

  • Certificate of Completion

Workshop duration: 3-4 hours per workshop 

Enquire Here for more information and to arrange a tailored workshop to future proof your business. 




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