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Mental Health Resilience Workshops

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What is Mental Resilience?

Resilience is our ability to recover from adversity, to keep calm in the face of difficulty and to solve problems.


It is the ability to manage our own emotions and remain aware of the emotions of others.


It doesn’t mean we don’t experience difficulty or distress, but it does involve the ability to live with those emotions. 


It means doing what we know is important, despite it being something that makes us uncomfortable.


It is self‑awareness and knowing our own values, strengths and weaknesses. It’s being able to reflect on situations and take a balanced view.

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Why develop Mental Resilience?

Our productivity over the past 20 years has soared, and with this increase in productivity has come an increase in our stress levels.


We may sacrifice accuracy and thoughtfulness for immediacy. Our work–life balance has plummeted and burnout is being felt by many individuals.

Learning to live a more resilient life has numerous benefits including:

  • Decreased depressive symptoms & increased emotional well-being

  • Improved working memory

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved immune system function

  • Improved relationships

  • Improved coping when we experience emotional disruptions.

How do we develop Mental Resilience?

Book a combination of workshops or book individually. 


Choose from:

  1. Self-awareness and Stress Management 

  2. Preventing and Recovering from Burnout 

  3. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life 

  4. Building Better Relationships

Course duration: 3-4 hours each

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Five Pillars Program


Our comprehensive course, includes:

  • Workshop 1 - Self-Awareness for Stress Management

  • Workshop 2 - Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

  • Workshop 3 - Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

  • Workshop 4 - Building Better Relationships

  • Certificate of Completion

Course duration: 3-4 hours per workshop over 4 weeks

Enquire here for the Comprehensive Five Pillars Program

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