Ricky Probst


Mental Health Clinician, Resilience Trainer, Brainspotting Therapist

Ricky is an advocate for increasing awareness of mental health issues and building personal and community resilience.

He has previously worked as a Mental Health Clinician at a Rehabilitation Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Bower Place Clinic in Adelaide, and as a Complex Needs Case Manager collaborating with the Department of Mental Health in Canberra.

Qualifications and Training

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Monash University

  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and International Relations), University of Queensland

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Russ Harris ACT Mindfully Institute

  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Harvard University

  • The Science of Wellbeing, Yale University

  • Psychological First Aid, John Hopkins University

  • The Mindsight Approach to Wellbeing Comprehensive Course, Mindsight Institute

  • Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills, University of Pennsylvania

  • HeartMath Facilitator, HeartMath Institute

  • Identifying Early Signs of Psychosis in Adolescents and Young Adults, Stanford Medicine

  • Social Psychology, Wesleyan University

  • Anatomy: Human Neuroanatomy, Michigan University

  • Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory, Psychotherapy Excellence UK

  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, University of California, Berkley Greater Good Science Centre

  • Brainspotting, Brainspotting Trainings LLC

  • Current Blue Card, Queensland

Charlie Hindle


Resilience Trainer, Brainspotting Therapist, Breathwork facilitator

Charlie uses a range of different breathing techniques and exercises to facilitate relaxation and release of tension, stress and trauma in the body. Charlie is dedicated to providing trauma-informed care, and can work with Ricky at your request to provide a holistic program to manage traumatic stress. 

Stress, tension and trauma responses are physiological as well as psychological. For this reason, a balanced approach which addresses both the psychological and physical aspects is the most effective way to address these issues. 

Charlie uses breathwork and relaxation exercises to help the body release stress, tension and trauma from deep in your muscles. Exercises which stimulate the vagus nerve (the largest nerve in our bodies) can reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Qualifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science, University of Canberra

  • Building Workplace Resilience, The Mental Health Recovery Institute 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Russ Harris ACT Mindfully Institute

  • HeartMath Facilitator, HeartMath Institute

  • Brainspotting Therapy, Brainspotting Trainings LLC

  • Transformational Breathwork, Suntara School of Healing

  • Yoga Teacher Training Course, Being Yoga

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